The Arthur Maxwell Experience Center located in Golden Valley, MN was created to honor the notion that people need experiences to move forward, the center hosts our Mastery Experience Workshops™ and other powerful simulation workshops and events.

The Experience Center not only provides our clients with a new way to experience our services, it also allows us to demonstrate new products.

Why the emphasis on Experience? Click here to read why Experience Matters!

Well Equipped for a Great Experience

The Experience Center was designed to keep participants engaged and facilitators effective, and it is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the richest participant experience possible:

  • Two Large Screen High Definition Projection Systems
  • HDMI and VGA equipped
  • Free Wi-Fi

Available for Your Off-Site

Not only is the Experience Center a great place to participate in a Mastery Experience Workshop™, it's also a great place to host your off-site event. The professional intimate environment is a perfect mix to get your people comfortable and keep them focused. The Experience Center offers:

  • Accommodation for up to 16 people
  • Kitchenette and complete food & beverage services
  • Multiple table configurations to suit your event
  • On-site technical and facility support

We can provide Certified Professional Facilitators who can get your group moving and get the results you need from your session!

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Experience Matters

Street Wise; Learn by Doing; School of Hard Knocks; we've all heard these phrases and have probably proclaimed them ourselves. We know the best way to learn is through experience. But do we know why experience is such a good teacher?

Maybe it's because we're active in our own experience- and when we've made it through a challenging one we "have it under our belt." We feel like we've mastered something and are more confident that we can effectively deal with a similar situation when it comes along. This feeling, or knowing, is called "Perceived self-efficacy," and it goes way beyond self-esteem or blind confidence. "Perceived self-efficacy refers to a belief in our own capability to organize and execute the action required to manage prospective situations" (Self-Efficacy in Changing Societies, Bandura 1995).

Most of us instinctively know experience matters and probably aren't surprised to find that experts can back us up. Albert Bandura is one such expert. In the field of cognitive psychology he's the father of Social Learning Theory. Mr. Bandura asserts "The most effective way of creating a strong sense of efficacy is through Mastery Experiences-that is experiences in which mastery is achieved and success is experienced". Mastery experiences, each building on another, increase self-efficacy and one's perception of the same.

It also seems we can learn something by simply observing the actions of others in situations like those we expect to encounter. Known as vicarious experiences the observation of behavior modeled by people we believe to be similar to us has also been proven to build our own self-efficacy. According to Mr. Bandura, "The greater the similarity between the observer and the model the more persuasive are the model's experiences."