Consulting is key to delivering on our promise to help organizations contemplate and create their future. Organizations must continually visualize their future as they strive to stay relevant in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive and global environment.

We Can Help.

As your organization moves toward the future by taking on complex initiatives we can help improve the journey and your results. Our seasoned credentialed consultants are ready to work with your people in the application and implementation of:

  • Change Management
  • Program & Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Learning Systems Design

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Change Management

If your organization's future depends on getting better at change—we can help:

  • Guide your teams through the most difficult changes
  • Implement a small footprint/big impact Change Management approach
  • Equip your people with essential Change Management knowledge, tools and techniques

We can work right beside you through the life-cycle of your change initiative ensuring you get the results you're looking for and leaving your leaders and your organization better equipped to lead the next change.

As a Change Management resource, Sheri (our Arthur Maxwell consultant) was instrumental in the design, development and execution of our Vendavo application training globally. Her experience and knowledge of change readiness tools helped us identify key stakeholder groups, and understand their needs in order to clearly articulate the application's uses and benefits effectively. This effort was used as the basis for a sustainability framework creating a strong foundation as this application evolves into the Value Realization phase.

The Arthur Maxwell team did not just complete a set of deliverables for this project; instead, they helped develop a change readiness methodology that O-I will use to build this competency internally. Vendavo Global Business Process Owner
Owens Illinois

Program & Project Management

If successful completion of Programs and Projects is essential to realizing your organization's future—we can help:

  • Use Programs to focus your strategy execution
  • Implement small footprint/big impact Program governance
  • Leverage Project Management across your organization

We can work right beside you to ensure your most important initiatives deliver the sustainable results your strategy is depending on.

Lean Six Sigma

LSS deployments deliver results through on-going culture change and project-by-project benefits. We can help ensure your deployment is as strongly focused on changing the way people work and project delivery, as it is on the training of technical tools.

Partially thanks to Arthur Maxwell Lean Six Sigma has become the way we work at our company. It's not a tool we bring in to solve problems, but rather the way we approach our challenges and opportunities. Arthur Maxwell fully understands the role LSS has played in our cultural transformation and has contributed greatly to the development and implementation of change management, program management and project leadership practices. Senior Vice President, Chief Process Improvement Officer
Owens Illinois

Learning Systems Design

If your people need to learn new skills to keep the organization moving forward—we can help. We understand how adults learn and how to design engaging experiences that invoke the human capabilities known to drive people to learn. We can help:

  • Create custom curriculum
  • Create learning simulations
  • Prepare and certify your instructors to train your people

Let us help your people move forward with experience.