Coaching is key to delivering on our promise to help people, teams, and organizations contemplate and create their future. Unlike consulting which is about providing expert advice, and mentoring which is about imparting the wisdom of experience, coaching is about drawing out people's talents and helping them maximize their potential.

We Can Help.

Our Coaching Services can be session or program based to help you get where you want to go.

Coaching Sessions are combined with our assessments to help ensure you understand your results and are prepared to put them to use. Coaching sessions can also be used to reinforce and put to use our workshop concepts.

Coaching Programs are designed to fit your unique goals and are documented in a Development Plan created by you and your coach.

We offer Individual and Team Coaching programs that are highly customizable.

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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions can take place in person or via tele or web conference.

Leadership Development

Forward-looking organizations are concerned about developing tomorrow's leaders, and they look within to find the next generation. Our Leadership Coaching is designed to help people leverage their strengths, and be effective in the midst of their blind spots. We help identify the leader's starting point, articulate their goals, develop a plan to move them forward, and support their progress along the way.

Program & Project Management

Programs and projects are vehicles for change, and the people leading them can go further with a coach. Coaching changes a project leader's learning curve and serves as an insurance policy for the project benefits.

Our Program and Project Management expertise, combined with our deep understanding of change & leadership uniquely equip us to coach the professionals responsible for leading your most important initiatives.

Coaching can be targeted to the skill development of the leader and/or the success of their current program or project.


Everyone benefits from coaching—even those already at the top. Executive coaching provides continuous development in all areas of leadership, and focused attention to those difficult and critical communication skills.

Team Coaching

Teams in trouble, teams in the midst of a significant change, new teams, teams who need a spark, whatever the case, we can help them find their way.

Team coaching sessions are conducted in person and are generally accompanied with team and/or individual assessment tools to help the team “see” their combined strengths, blind spots, and the dynamics unique to them that will help or curtail productivity.

Tremendous value, in terms of time and energy gains, can come from combining our Teamwork workshops with assessments and Team Coaching.