What changes are in your future? Which ones will be easy? Which ones will meet resistance? And which ones will surprise you?

The unknowns in our future are what make it exciting, and at the same time put us on edge. How do we realize the potential an uncertain future presents and confidently navigate the change we don't see coming? How do we create agility in ourselves and in our organizations?

We Can Help.

Sustainable change is possible, even probable, when organizations:

  • Honor and leverage the predictable human response to change.
  • Create environments that expect and support the changes being sought.
  • Ensure their initiatives bridge the realm of personal change and organizational realities.

Whether seeking proactive change as part of your strategy or trying to increase resilience for whatever unknowns await you, our consultants, coaches and instructors understand the realms of change at play in your organization and can help you navigate their intricate dependencies and pitfalls.

The Change Effect™

Our Change Effect™ methodology allows people, teams, and organizations to create and respond to change. The methodology includes 3 realms of change and concepts, tools, and techniques imperative to each.

Our Change Consultants can help your organization create an effective approach to change management and work side-by-side with you to ensure your initiatives get the results you need. Our goal is to leave your leaders and your organization better equipped to lead the next change.

The Arthur Maxwell team did not just complete a set of deliverables for this project; instead, they helped develop a change readiness methodology that O-I will use to build this competency internally. Vendavo Global Business Process Owner
Owens Illinois

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We can help your leaders increase their resilience and guide their people through change.

Many of our workshops include change concepts, tools and techniques:

  • Leadership Workshops are aimed at increasing resilience for personal change
  • Program and Project Management Workshops focus on implementing change
  • Change Management Workshops focus on understanding and guiding others through change
I really learned a lot about how to deal with change personally and I hope to be able to guide others through as well. The simulation made the concepts real, and the instructor did a great job! Guiding Organizational Change Workshop Participant