Our Mission

Arthur Maxwell exists to help people, teams, and organizations contemplate and create their future.

Founded in 1998, Arthur Maxwell, Inc. provides Consulting, Coaching, Training and Facilitation services to people, teams, and organizations in the areas of Program and Project Management, Change Management, Leadership, Teamwork and Lean Six Sigma. Arthur Maxwell creates immersive simulation workshops to ensure skill based development and real-life application using their proprietary Experience Builder Technology.

Our Values

We believe

  • In the Power of Vision
  • That change requires transformation; transformation requires leadership; and leadership requires courage, humility and integrity
  • Experiential learning motivates people to act
  • People power teams and teams power organizations

Our Vision

We will be

  • A trusted partner with whom our clients share their hopes for the future
  • A strong steady source of knowledge and experience our clients turn to during their most important journeys
  • An improvement focused team offering clients a continual flow of innovative and relevant products and services to help them achieve their goals

Our Strategy

To realize our vision and honor our mission, our strategy is:

To provide consulting, training, coaching and facilitation to people, teams and organizations in the areas of Program & Project Management, Leadership, Teamwork, Change Management, and Lean Six Sigma.

We do this by rooting all of our products and services in our values, by listening to and learning from our clients, and by constantly striving to find new and effective methods to help them get to where they want to go.