Helping teams work.

Teams in trouble, teams in the midst of a significant change, new teams, teams who need a spark—whatever the case we can help them find their way.

Arthur Maxwell's Team Development & Performance Check (TeamCheck) will help your team compare itself to what research tells us are the dimensions of highly effective teams, and to determine whether they are on a development path that will result in high-performance.

Team members and the team leader take the TeamCheck assessment and then review results with a teamwork coach who will help them interpret and put the results to use.

Unlike some teamwork assessments that concentrate on the individual team members and then report on the team as a collection of the memberʼs performance, TeamCheck is a 360 degree feedback tool focused on the team as a whole. The assessment questions are about the team and its performance from the perspective of the members and the leader.

Teamwork and collaboration are increasingly important to the success of our organizations, TeamCheck gives valuable insights into our team's performance and potential.

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Learning Methods

  • Pre-work exercise prior to taking assessment.
  • Assessment Results
  • Debrief session with Teamwork Coach

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain insights into your team that will help improve performance.
  • Identify performance gaps and which ones are most important to address.
  • Identify team strengths so you can make the most of them.
  • Ignite interest and responsibility amongst team members.
  • Ask questions of a teamwork coach to ensure youʼre prepared to begin using type in a productive way.

Who Should Register

  • Team leaders or managers wanting to improve the performance of their team.

Materials Included

  • Access to take the TeamCheck on-line.
  • TeamCheck results report.