Providing insights into your most valuable asset.


Arthur Maxwell's MBTI® Assessment Package is designed to give you easy on-line access to the MBTI® survey and your results, and supporting materials to ensure you understand and can make use of them.

After you register on-line you will receive a link and instructions for taking the MBTI®, and an MBTI® Certified Consultant will be assigned to you.

Your MBTI® Certified Consultant will send you additional materials for use in understanding your results, and will schedule a debrief session according to your availability.

What makes this package so valuable are the materials and one-on-one debrief session which are imperative to truly understanding your MBTI® and putting it to use for YOU.

Download assessment details as a PDF

Register online - $300

Register for the MBTI® Assessment Package

Register by phone: 763-432-0629
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Learning Methods

  • Assessment results
  • Individual pre-work exercise prior to debrief session using supplied materials.
  • Self reflection in combination with MBTI® results and coaching during debrief session are used to help participants verify their type.
  • Reflection after the debrief session supported by Interpretive Report and Introduction to Type® booklet.

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain insights into your most important asset—You!
  • Learn your Myers-Briggs “Reported” Type and validate it against what you know to be true about yourself.
  • Understand where you may differ from othersʼ who share your MBTI®.
  • Receive valuable materials that will help you improve your relationships.
  • Ask questions of an MBTI® certified consultant to ensure youʼre prepared to begin using type in a productive way.

Who Should Register

  • Individuals wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.

Materials Included

  • Access to take the MBTI® on-line
  • MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive ®—a comprehensive report that explores the variation within a person's personality type
  • Introduction to Type® booklet to help you integrate type concepts into both your personal and professional life