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For more than 50 years, the FIRO-B® instrument has helped people around the world understand how their need for inclusion, control, and affection can shape their interactions with others at work or in their personal life.

FIRO-B® identifies how you tend to behave toward others and how you want them to behave toward you.

Your FIRO-B results can help you increase your self-understanding in a number of important areas, including how you handle interpersonal relationships and your own social needs, how others perceive you, and how you see them.

Take the FIRO-B on line and receive a comprehensive report and a a one-on-one session with a Certified Consultant who will help you interpret and put your results to use.

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Learning Methods

  • Individual pre-work exercise prior to debrief session using supplied materials.
  • Self reflection in combination with assessment results and coaching during debrief session.
  • Reflection after the debrief session supported by assessment results and supplied materials.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn how you come across to to others and why this may not be the way you see yourself.
  • Understand and manage your own needs as you interact with others.
  • Understand how and why conflict develops between wellmeaning people.
  • Ask questions of a Certified Consultant to ensure youʼre prepared to put your new knowledge to use.

Who Should Register

  • Anyone who wants to better understand and manage their interpersonal behavior.

Materials Included

  • Access to take the FIRO-B® assessment on-line.
  • Booklet: Introduction to the FIRO-B® instrument.
  • FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organizations.