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Christine Moore, PMP, CPF - December 2012

Remember When?

Many who subscribe to this newsletter have known me for a long time and will remember back to approximately 2002 when I started using simulation in the classroom— in fact many of you were in those workshops!

Though the older simulations were effective, they weren’t designed to be easily changed to keep up with the times. Additionally, the older simulations were not customizable to reflect nuances in the industries we served nor our clients’ organizations and cultures. The result was we often felt like we were using a square peg to hit learning objectives hidden in a round hole.

Changing With the Times

As most of you know, those worries are in the past. Since 2008 we have been using our own simulation engine (Experience Builder™) to create, customize, and change at will, the simulations we use in our workshops. And, since 2010 we’ve been using iPads in the classroom as the delivery device.

For those who aren’t familiar with our simulation workshops, the quick story is that we use what we call “Experience Apps” on iPads in the classroom to create a virtual world in which workshop participants explore and apply what they’re learning. The Experience Apps™ are very engaging because we use audio and video to make the scenarios come to life, which also makes them more effective. The apps are created by our curriculum designers using our proprietary Experience Builder™ engine, so we can literally change and customize the apps with zero I.T. involvement.

Creating Experience Apps for Our Client’s Expertise

In 2012 we began creating simulations for other people’s curriculum! This is a whole new world in which we are not relied on as subject matter experts, but as curriculum developers— specifically simulation developers.

Our clients create and deliver a variety of training to develop their employees’ productivity and talent, and to ensure they are prepared to respond in critical situations. Sales, Healthcare Administration, Furnace Operations—and now we can help them bring their training to life!

A New Expertise: Simulation Development

In October we delivered an Experience App to accompany a 5-day workshop for Batch and Furnace Operators at Owens-Illinois, a glass package manufacturing organization and long-time client. The workshop was part of the organization’s technical training and covered topics including raw materials receiving, energy efficiency, flame geometry and glass science. With no prior knowledge of the training subject matter, we were able to partner with O-I’s experts to create a an Experience App to simulate the scenarios and underscore the best practices essential to Batch and Furnace Operators.

Simply put, our expertise has grown to include simulation development and our Experience Builder™ tool allows us to create immersive simulation apps for our clients—regardless of subject matter.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about using immersive simulation in your organization and about how Arthur Maxwell and our new Experience Builder™ can help bring your most important training topics to life please contact me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Experience Builder an e-learning tool?

No, Experience Builder™ is a tool for use by curriculum developers to create simulation apps for use on iPads in the classroom.

We don’t have curriculum developers in our organization—can we still use Experience Builder™ to create our own simulations?

No problem, Arthur Maxwell’s curriculum developers can work with your subject matter experts and will create the app for you using Experience Builder™.

We have curriculum developers—can they use Experience Builder™?

Yes, we can train your curriculum developers to use Experience Builder™ and your organization can license the tool. Your curriculum developers will be able to create Experience Apps for any internal training event!

We have really good instructors in our organization, but they’re not experienced using immersive simulation. Will they be able to lead training events that use the Experience Apps?

Many very experienced instructors have not used immersive simulation in the classroom and we can help them make the transition! We work with instructors to learn the nuances of using simulation in the classroom and ensure they are ready.

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