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December 2012

Add Simulation to Your Training! - Christine Moore, PMP, CPF

PMBOKĀ® Version 5 - What's new and who cares? - Christine Moore, PMP, CPF

Conflict Resolution - Valarie Griep, MBA, PMP

Partnering with Your Customers - Valarie Griep, MBA, PMP

Coaching? - Julianne Schwietz, MA, CPCC

June 2012

Brainstorming -Valarie Griep, MBA, PMP

Experience Via Simulation - Danielle Peterson

Projects and Wellbeing - Nicola Kapla

The Natural Nature of Story -Julianne Schwietz, MA, CPCC

Managing Benefits: More than the Triple Constraint - Valarie Griep, MBA, PMP

December 2011

Leadership Imperative: Look in the Mirror - Christine Moore, PMP, CPF

Active Listening - Valarie Griep, MBA, PMP

Leaders Wanted - Jodie Monson, MBA, HB Fuller Company

Branding Your Project - Danielle Peterson

Coaching Toward Action - Julianne Schwietz MA, CPCC

Attention PMP®s: Are You Up to Date? - Christine Moore, PMP, CPF

September 2011

Four Generations: Can't we all get along? - Danielle Peterson

Creating Trust on Project Teams - Valarie Griep, MBA, PMP

Accidental Storyteller - Julianne Schwietz MA, CPCC

What Can PMI® Do For You? - Valarie Griep MBA, PMP

Leadership Imperative: Storytelling - Christine Moore, PMP, CPF

June 2011

The Many Roles of a Project Manager - Valarie Griep MBA, PMP

The I in Team - Christine Moore, PMP, CPF

Play to Your Strengths - Julianne Schwietz MA, CPCC

Social Media for Your Career - Danielle Peterson

Raise the Quality of Your Risk Plan - Valarie Griep MBA, PMP